Use Driving Tips to Safely Share the Road with Trucks

Many drivers become nervous when they encounter semis and larger trucks on the road. Driving tips can help you remain in control of your vehicle and avoid the dangers of truck accidents.

The Trucker’s Perspective

Other than the obvious size difference, there are many things a truck driver has to contend with that car drivers do not. Truckers have more blind spots than you might imagine, including the front, back, and both sides of the truck. So it is important for car drivers and motorcyclists to ensure they do not make any sudden moves to cross a truck’s path and to always give fair warning when passing or changing lanes.

It is ideal to pass on the left and to keep up a steady, safe speed while passing. Another good rule of thumb is that if you cannot see the mirrors of the truck, the driver cannot see you.

Stopping Distance

The larger the truck, the longer it takes to stop. On average it takes two football fields for a truck to stop when traveling at 65 miles per hour. This demonstrates why you should avoid cutting a truck off. They will not be able to stop safely.

The size of a truck also makes it difficult to merge. Always travel a safe distance behind a truck so you are never in danger of rear-ending them. You will also avoid issues such as a tire blow out.

High Winds

Trucks can be affected by wind speeds which can make it hard for drivers to control their vehicles in higher winds. This means they can drift or lose control of the truck, leading to accidents. Again, keeping your distance and paying close attention to their path will help you pass safely, even when driving in a different lane.

Wide Berth

Last but not least, remember that turning can be very difficult for a truck as they need much more room than smaller vehicles. This is especially true when a truck tries to turn right. They often take up more than one lane, so watch for signals and give them room.

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