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Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

For over thirty years, our Houston, Texas personal injury attorney, Charles Argento, has been protecting the rights of our clients with an aggressive and supportive approach to creating solutions and systematically producing results.

For the first decade of Mr. Argento’s career, he worked on the other side of the courtroom, honing his legal craft by maximizing his time representing large insurers and defendants who were being sued. With the intricate details and insider knowledge on regarding personal injury on our side, our Harris County injury attorney creates significant and unique financial recovery opportunities for our clients. We can do the same for you.

Charles Argento Personal Injury Practice Areas in Houston, Texas

Our personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas understands how devastating an accident can be, no matter where it occurs.

Unfortunately, there are very few places where we are safe from negligence, and when you are hurt as a result, we want to help you hold the person or party who caused your injuries accountable for their actions or inactions.

At Charles Argento, our Houston, Texas accident and personal injury attorney practice areas include:

Case Results

Notable cases of Personal Injury

The first is a $16.5 million product liability case. There were three deaths in this case. The next is a $10 Million dollar 18 Wheeler accident, $7 Million dollar Wrongful Death Commercial Car accident case, $6 million dollar settlement for an operated back and neck resulting from a truck accident, A $6 million toxic exposure case. Thousands of people were exposed to toxic fumes. I also had a $5 million operated neck from a trucking case that we received money on and a $5 Million Dollar Industrial accident burn case, $4 million construction accident case where a worker fell off a roof. I had a $3.5 million medical malpractice suit against a doctor where my client lost an arm as a result of negligence. I had a $6 million toxic exposure case. Thousands of people were exposed to toxic fumes. There was a $1 million auto accident case requiring back surgery; a $500,000.00 auto case for an operated back; and a $100,000.00 auto accident case involving numerous injuries.

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    Product Liability Case
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    18 wheeler Accident
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    Car Accident
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    Settlement for Truck Accident
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    Toxic exposure case
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    Industrial accident burn case

Client Testimonials

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    How Many Car Accidents Occur In Houston, Texas Each Year?

    If you have suffered a personal injury in a Houston, Texas car accident, our dedicated lawyer will guide you through the legal process with confidence and a commitment to providing the best outcome available for your unique circumstances.

    Unfortunately, Houston car accidents are not uncommon, and some can lead to significant injuries that can be life changing. Our Houston car accident law firm understands that your injuries, medical bills, time away from work, and mounting expenses can become overwhelming very quickly.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,772 traffic-related deaths in the State of Texas alone last year.

    The Texas Department of Transportation recorded even more startling statistics last year, including:

    • Over 550,000 vehicle crashes occurred throughout the state
    • Over 12% of all crashes in Texas take place in Houston, resulting in over 67,000 crashes

    Last year in Texas, traffic accidents resulted in:

    • One reportable crash occurred every 59 seconds
    • One person injured every two minutes and four seconds
    • One person killed every two hours and 21 minutes

    If you were injured in a Houston car crash or were hurt in an accident in a surrounding city, our accomplished Houston car accident lawyer can help you pursue justice by outlining your legal options and holding the negligent party financially responsible for your recovery.

    How Many Drunk Driving Accidents Occur In Houston, Texas Each Year?

    According to the NHTSA, almost 30 people are killed every day in drunk driving accidents throughout the United States: One person every 48 minutes.

    Last year alone, throughout the country, drunk driving represented:

    • 29% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities, totaling 10,874 deaths
    • Nearly 950 of those drunk driving deaths occurred in the State of Texas

    If your family member was one of those who lost their lives to another’s negligence, our Houston wrongful death attorney would like to help you pursue the financial recovery that will allow you to take the time you need to heal.

    If you have been injured in a crash with a drunk driver in Houston, Texas, our lawyer can provide you with the representation you need to pursue the medical recovery you deserve today.

    How Many Large-Truck Accidents Occur In Houston, Texas Each Year?

    There are over 15 million large trucks operating in the United States, and over two million are semi-trucks that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and extend 53 feet in trailer length alone.

    When these large trucks are involved in traffic accidents, serious personal injuries can occur to those in much smaller passenger vehicles. When our residents are hurt by the negligence of big rig drivers, our truck accident attorney in Houston, Texas can help pursue the best financial recovery available for your personal injuries. Because the truth is, truck accidents happen more frequently than most would imagine.

    According to the latest NHTSA truck accident report, last year there were:

    • 4,761 people killed in crashes involving large trucks in the U.S.; a 9% increase from the previous year
    • 72% of people killed in large truck accidents were occupants of other vehicles
    • In the State of Texas, 521 large trucks were involved in traffic accidents; 461 people were killed as a result

    While the Houston truck accident fatality statistics are shocking, there are thousands of more people who are seriously injured each year in these catastrophic accidents. If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury in Houston, Texas, contact our accomplished lawyer today for help.

    What Are The Most Common Types of Dangerous Products?

    As consumers, we purchase products that will enhance our lives, including new tires for our cars, furniture for our homes, and medical products for our health. When those products cause harm, instead of serving their original purpose, our community deserves retribution from the designer, manufacturer, or distributor, to name a few.

    While there is no limit to the number or types of products that can cause personal injury, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains statistics on how people are getting hurt.

    These defective products can include, but are not limited to:

    • Appliances
    • Asbestos
    • Chemicals
    • Children’s toys, furniture, and products
    • Furniture
    • Maintenance and construction equipment
    • Pharmaceuticals and medical products
    • Sports and recreational equipment
    • Vehicles, including tires, ignition switches, wiring, and gas tank defects

    If you have suffered a personal injury due to a defective product, you will need an experienced attorney to provide an aggressive and dedicated approach to delivering results. We can help.

    How Common Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuits In Houston, Texas?

    Medical malpractice results in approximately 225,000 deaths each year in the United States. Now established as the third most common cause of death, the severity of negligence in the medical field is alarming.

    Some of the most common types of medical malpractice can include, but is not limited to:

    • Avoidable delays in treatment
    • Defective medical devices or pharmaceuticals
    • Hospital-acquired infections
    • Improper follow-up treatment
    • Inadequate communication between medical staff/departments
    • Incorrect dosages
    • Missed or delayed diagnosis
    • Surgical errors
    • Technical medical errors
    • Understaffed or overworked employees

    Seeking medical care should never leave you worse off than when you arrived for help. If you have suffered from any type of medical malpractice, our Houston lawyer will investigate who is at fault and whether there was more than one party involved in the negligence that took place. We will leave no detail to chance as we examine your case, so you can focus on financial recovery with confidence.

    How Will I Know If I Have A Houston, Texas Premises Liability Case?

    Premises liability cases can lead to severe personal injuries in Houston, Texas, causing the individual who was hurt to take unpaid time off work and engage in costly medical care that could lead to a financial nightmare.

    Premises liability cases are not uncommon and can be the result of:

    • Defective conditions that lead to personal injury
    • Dog bites
    • Fires
    • Inadequate maintenance
    • Slip and fall accident
    • Swimming pool injuries

    Premises liability and personal injury can occur anywhere in Houston, Texas, including on private, public, or government property. Our dedicated personal injury attorney can help you determine exactly who is at fault while creating a concrete legal plan to pursue the negligent person or party responsible for your financial recovery.

    Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation If I Am Hurt In My Houston, Texas Workplace?

    The Houston Workers’ Compensation, and those that govern workers’ rights throughout the State of Texas are very different than the laws adopted by most other states.

    Texas does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage.

    If you were hurt at work, and your employer does not provide workers’ compensation coverage, the company could be open to a personal injury lawsuit. Our committed and experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas knows that the damages – and the attorney fees – associated with work injuries are practically unlimited.

    In addition, common defenses that may be available in most personal injury lawsuits are no longer applicable when an employer forgoes workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

    If you have been hurt at work, whether your employer is a workers’ compensation coverage holder or not, it is important that you speak with our personal injury attorney today to ensure your rights are protected, and that you receive the medical care and time away from work you deserve.

    If I Have Lost A Loved One To Negligence, Can I File A Wrongful Death Claim In Houston?

    When someone loses their life to negligence, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default in the State of Texas, our Houston wrongful death lawyer can help their family pursue the full financial recovery they deserve for their tragic loss.

    Drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice, and premises liability cases can all lead to more than personal injuries, but result in wrongful death after the accident has occurred.

    The Texas Wrongful Death Legislation allows surviving spouses, children, or parents to pursue a claim against the person, party, or company whose wrongful act led to the death of their loved one.

    If you have lost a loved one to negligence, our Houston wrongful death attorney can help you sort through the facts and discover exactly who was responsible for their untimely death and pursue them for financial recovery.

    How Can The Houston Personal Injury Attorney Charles J. Argento Help Me Recover Financially?

    Charles J. Argento is an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas whose motivation comes from an unwavering concern for those who need legal help.

    First, our compassionate Houston personal injury lawyer provides free consultations, so those who are hurt in an accident never have to worry about paying out of pocket just to discuss their case with an attorney.

    Next, our law firm believes that no one should have to forego the medical care they deserve after suffering a personal injury from another’s negligence, which is why we provide our clients with the guidance they need to receive the best medical care available – even if they are uninsured.

    Finally, Charles J. Argento works only on a contingency basis. If our law firm does not win your case, you pay nothing.

    AV Rated Preeminent Attorney

    AV Preeminent Attorney 2016 Charles J. Argento

    Personal Injury & Recovery FAQs

    Q: What constitutes a personal injury case? Do I have a legitimate claim?

    A: The first rule of thumb when it comes to determining a personal injury case is answering whether or not you have actually suffered injury — either to your person or property. Next, was this injury someone else’s fault? Keep in mind when assessing the injury that it does not have to be physical in nature. Invasions of privacy, defamation of character and even emotional distress can constitute a personal injury lawsuit.

    Q: If I was injured in an accident how quickly should I file a lawsuit?

    A: The statute of limitations varies by state, and the time limit to file can be as little as 12 months. In the state of Texas, the statute to file a personal injury claim is 24 months, or two years. It is important to file within this time frame, so your legal rights can be upheld in a court of law.

    Q: When meeting with a Houston personal injury and accident attorney, what should I bring with me?

    A: It is important to bring anything that is relevant to your personal injury case, which can include contact information of witnesses, accident reports and details regarding the conditions of your accident. Any pertinent information including dates, times, individuals present, locations and circumstances are all essential to the outcome of your case. In addition, medical bills, accounting of lost wages or future earnings and any record of damages to property or the insurance coverage involved (whether it is yours or the person’s you are suing). The more information you can provide in the initial consultation, the better.

    Q: What if the result of person injured died prior to a claim being filed?

    A: If the individual passes away as a result of their injuries from the claim that was going to be filed, the Spouse, Parents and Children can bring what is called a wrongful death suit against the person who caused the personal injury. If an unrelated circumstance caused the death of the individual who was going to file the personal injury claim, it is possible for their estate executor to pursue the case on their behalf.

    Q: What is the definition of “Negligence?”

    A: Personal injury claims are devised by the actions of a reasonable person, and placing accountability on those who cause injury as a result of non-compliance of these actions. Negligence is the result of a person failing to act as an ordinary, reasonable person. Actions taken by a negligent party are just as important as their in actions and both can be argued in court successfully to prove fault.

    Q: What if negligence cannot be proved in court? Is there any other recourse for personal injury recovery?

    A: Absolutely. Individuals and companies can be held liable for personal injury under law called “Strict Liability”. Within the law this is defined as liability that does not depend on actual negligence or intent to harm. This area of law is usually pursued for damages in defective and dangerous products cases, and in cases where harm is endured through hazardous materials or a dangerous substance, when injury is the result.

    Q: What is the punishment for someone who has caused an injury to another?

    A: Punishment, in the traditional sense, is not part of a personal injury case. Civil cases do not include jail time, fines or punishment by the penal system. The courts and juries will decide the financial ramifications and judgment against the person or company who has caused your personal injury, and in some cases punitive damages can be recovered in sizable amounts to discourage this behavior from continuing.

    Charles J. Argento Is An Award-Winning Houston, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Who Wants To Help You Today

    Charles J. Argento has repeatedly, year-after-year, been a recipient of the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings AV classification. Our Houston personal injury attorney, Mr. Argento, not only receives the award every year, but he also receives the award’s highest classification, the AV Preeminent rating — a classification only the top five percent of accident attorneys reach among their peers.

    From his present status as award-winning Houston personal injury lawyer, Charles can look back at a long line of hard work and excellence, always delivering the highest levels of professionalism. And Charles’s career hasn’t been only about winning awards. Awards have been a welcome acknowledgment, but the real focus of Charles’s practice has been winning cases.

    In 30 years of leading a wildly successful legal practice, Houston personal injury lawyer Charles Argento has built a solid reputation in the legal community and has become a highly respected Houston accident attorney by his most frequent adversary, the insurance companies.

    Contact Our Houston, Texas Personal Injury Attorney Charles J. Argento To Get The Legal Representation You Deserve

    If you have been the victim of an accident in Houston through no fault of your own, whether it is an automotive, workplace, or another type of accident, and if you expect just compensation, then you must have adequate representation.

    The quality of Houston truck, motorcycle, or car accident attorneys varies greatly, and when your well-being rests upon receiving compensation for an injury, you do not want to take chances. You want the best. Charles J. Argento is among the best personal injury and car accident attorneys in both Houston and all of Texas. And he has the credentials to prove it.

    Contact our Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer, Charles J. Argento, today at (713) 766-4727 and let him help you too.