The Impact of Permanent Injuries on Quality of Life

Our Houston personal injury attorney, Charles J. Argento, has represented individuals and families throughout Texas for over three decades. He understands the unique and complex needs of clients who have suffered permanent injuries caused by negligence through years of experience and specialized knowledge. Our law firm recognizes the profound physical,

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My Loved One Was Killed in a Texas Crash: What Can I Do to Seek Justice?

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident attorney knows losing a loved one in a crash caused by negligence in Texas is devastating on multiple levels, profoundly impacting the emotional, financial, and social fabric of families. The suddenness and unexpected nature of such losses can lead to profound grief

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Texas Work Injury?

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston workplace accident attorneys know in Texas, various parties can be held liable for a work injury, depending on the circumstances of the injury and the specific factors involved. Here, we discuss the primary parties who may be held responsible so injured workers can pursue the compensation they

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The Importance of Requesting a Police Report After a Traffic Accident in Texas

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident and injury attorneys know you must report a motor vehicle accident in Texas to the police if there is an injury or fatality, the vehicles cannot be moved, or property damage is over $1,000. However, it seems unlikely that someone who has just been involved in

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What is the “High Injury Network” in Houston, Texas?

Charles J. Argento, our Texas car accident and injury attorney knows Houston has around 184 car accidents every day, or 7.6 accidents per hour, according to the Houston Vision Zeron Action Plan. This is more than any other city in Texas. Last year, there were 331 total fatalities and 1,620 serious injuries on Houston’s

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Dangerous Driving Habits that are Commonly Overlooked in Texas

Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident attorney, understands that most of us start learning to drive as teenagers and continue to learn from there. While road rules can be discovered in driver’s education, driving manuals, and parental advice, we often develop our driving habits—both good and bad—from our own experiences. While

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