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At Charles J. Argento, our Houston personal injury lawyer knows full or partial hearing loss is considered a catastrophic injury. We understand that the permanency associated with hearing loss in any capacity is nothing short of life changing. That is why we are here.

When hearing loss is caused by work, while pursuing medical care, or because of negligence in Texas, our Harris County personal injury lawyers want to help you regain the quality of life you enjoyed before your injuries changed it.

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What are the Most Likely Causes of Hearing Loss Caused by Negligence in Texas?

When negligence is a factor in our everyday lives in Texas, there is no limit to the injuries that can result. When those injuries involve partial or total hearing loss, our clients deserve the best legal chance to pursue the liable party who is responsible for their damages.

Common causes of partial or full hearing loss caused by negligence in Texas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Defective products, including earplugs and other safety gear.
  • Exposure to explosive noises, including plant explosions, can cause immediate, permanent hearing loss.
  • Head injuries caused by car accidents, motorcycle collisions, pedestrian incidents, and bicycle crashes.
  • Illnesses caused by medical malpractice, and hospital-acquired infections that result in high fever and may damage the cochlea.
  • Maritime accidents, including boat crashes.
  • Medications/prescription drugs can damage the inner ear.
  • Occupational exposure in workplaces where loud noise is a regular part of the working environment, such as farming, construction, or factory work, can lead to damage inside your ear.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Accidents Involving Hearing Loss in Texas?

The simple answer is, any negligent party whose reckless actions or inaction led to your partial or complete hearing loss.

That may include:

  • Boat Owners/Operators Responsible for Maritime Accidents
  • Employers for Workplace Accidents that Cause Hearing Loss
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Intoxicated, Reckless, Distracted, or Speeding Drivers
  • Oil/Gas Industries Plants Where Explosions Occur
  • Prescription Drug or Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Product Designers, Manufacturers & Retailers Who Sale Defective Products

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