In Need of Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorneys in Houston, TX?

Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyers in Houston, TX

Texas drivers know that tractor-trailers fill the state’s roads and highways. Texas is home to numerous industries that require cargo-hauling, such as the state’s numerous oil and gas refineries, logging operations, and chemical refineries. A large number of massive trucks on the roads in and around Texas means that Houston’s drivers are at a greater risk of becoming the victim of a tractor-trailer accident than the average US driver.

Legal Help is Critical in Pursuing a Truck Crash Claim in Houston

Truck accident victims often discover the hard way that filing a claim after a truck accident without the help of a skilled Texas truck crash attorney is a bad idea. Getting the money you’re owed after a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor-trailer accident is not easy. In fact, large truck accident victims are often subjected to intimidating tactics by aggressive attorneys defending the trucking companies. Victims may feel bullied into taking a settlement that covers less than what they need to cover their crash-related costs—or even to abandon their claim for damages entirely. Don’t let these aggressive attorneys keep you from recovering what you’re owed after a crash. Contact the effective and knowledgeable Houston personal injury attorney Charles J. Argento at (713) 225-5050 for a no-cost consultation after a Houston tractor-trailer crash.

What are the stages of a tractor-trailer accident claim?

While every claim is different, lawsuits against trucking companies after a large truck, big rig, or semi-truck collision results in injuries for passenger vehicle drivers typically involve the following stages:

  1. The victim is injured in a tractor-trailer accident: Victims of large truck accidents should call the police to ensure that a report of the accident is created. If possible, the victim should also speak with anyone who has stopped to offer assistance after a crash, as these individuals may have seen the accident and could provide valuable eyewitness testimony.
  2. Victim hires a seasoned Houston truck accident lawyer: In the early stages of a claim against a trucking company, victims may be asked to provide sworn statements to insurance adjusters. Without realizing the legal impact of what they’re saying, these statements could come back to haunt crash victims later in their case. Accident victims benefit from hiring skilled legal help as early as possible in the truck accident claim process. An attorney will be far better prepared to handle the volume of paperwork required to file and pursue a claim with an insurer or to file a lawsuit if necessary. Additionally, having an attorney present while sworn statements are taken can mean that victims’ rights are protected during these interviews, and victims are prevented from making statements that could harm their case.
  3. The attorney conducts an investigation into the claim and begins requesting and gathering evidence: Without professional help, victims often struggle with proving the causes of a truck accident through technical or eyewitness evidence. An experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer can reach out to seasoned accident reconstruction experts, experts in trucking equipment and maintenance, and potential witnesses to the accident to bolster a claim. Your attorney will also conduct formal depositions of the driver believed to be at fault for an accident, as well as individuals or representatives of other companies who may be partially responsible for the crash.
  4. Settlement offers are exchanged: As the claim for damages becomes more and more developed, the victim’s attorney may feel better equipped to make a request for damages on behalf of their client. After discussing the suggested settlement amount with the accident victim, the attorney will present this offer to the trucking company, who may counter with a lower offer. The parties may decide to engage in mediation before a neutral third party.
  5. The case proceeds to trial: If attorneys for the victim and defendant in a trucking lawsuit are unable to reach a settlement out of court, the case will proceed to trial before a Texas judge or jury. Though courtroom trials for Houston truck accident claims are rare, Houston auto accident lawyer Charles J. Argento is prepared to fight before a court for the trial award his victim deserves. Contact his offices today at (713) 225-5050 for a consultation on your truck accident claim.

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