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Work Injury Lawyers Houston at Charles J. Argento

Our accomplished Houston worker’s compensation attorney Charles J. Argento represents hard-working Texans across the state. Whether your job is physically demanding based in construction, warehouse, agriculture, or in the oil industries; office-based or travel-oriented, workers related injury can play a huge part in your recovery should you be injured on the job.

In the state of Texas, employers are not obligated by state laws to carry Workplace Injury insurance. They are, however, required to provide a safe working environment for their employees, following OSHA and state safety guidelines, proper training, equipment, and safety procedures fall into this category.

If you are injured while on the job and your employer does subscribe to Work injury insurance, our Houston workplace injury attorney can help you recover lost wages, medical expenses, and loss of quality of life from that fund. If your employer does not provide Work injury insurance, it is still possible to recover your financial, physical, and emotional losses directly from the employer with the help of a skilled attorney.

Successfully Representing Injured Workers Throughout Houston, Texas

Houston workers compensation attorney Charles J. Argento & Associates is a seasoned professional who will uncover every detail of your injury through interviews, accident recreation, and medical records. He will pursue the party who is responsible for your physical and emotional injuries as a result, while seeking the best settlement available.

Our Houston worker’s compensation lawyer will pursue recovery compensation from each party involved in your accident, including:

  • Employer Insurance
  • Private Employer Funds
  • Third-Party Insurance or Private Funds (Equipment manufacturers, contractors, property owners, etc.)
  • Work Injury Insurance

Types of Workplace Injuries in Houston, Texas

Our Houston-based worker’s compensation law firm works tirelessly to recover the financial settlement you deserve for being injured on the job because of another’s negligence. We have settled numerous suits on behalf of our clients in a timely manner covering all different categories including:

If you have been hurt at work, while traveling for work or even offsite during work hours, it is important to contact our Houston workers injury attorney immediately at (713) 225-5050 upon suffering your injuries. The company you work for will waste no time in trying to sweep your incident under the rug or apply pressure to your situation through paperwork and statement requests. You are not obligated to fulfill their requests without representation, and it is important that you take advantage of that right before you sign away your privileges to recover fully.

Our Houston Workers Compensation Lawyer Navigate You Through The Legal Process

Houston Job Injury claims may seem confusing or overwhelming, but our Houston workers’ injury law office is highly equipped to handle any workplace accident or injury with precision and timeliness, so you can focus on recovering fully. In addition to our full-scale representative services, it is important to understand that we charge absolutely zero fees until we have recovered a settlement on your behalf. What’s more is that our office of highly trained and motivated professionals will provide free, no-obligation consultation to all prospective clients.

Our Houston work-related injury law office works hard to cut through the red tape of a work injury, non-subscriber, and third-party cases so that you will not have to wade through the confusion and intimidation on your own. Our Job Injury Lawyers Houston will guide you through the process and provide full representation (including bilingual), so there are no barriers between protecting your rights and prepare you for what is to come.

At Charles J. Argento & Associates, Our Law Firm in Houston, TX Also Focuses on The Following Practice Areas:

How Our Houston Work-Related Injury Attorney Can Help You?

Houston worker’s injury lawyer Charles J. Argento is a respected litigator and skilled negotiator who will aggressively defend your case by walking you through the arduous legal process and secure a solid defense either in Texas State or Federal courts. We represent clients in Houston as well as the surrounding areas throughout Texas, including the cities of Beaumont, Brownsville, McAllen, Harlingen, the Rio Grande Valley as well as Orange County, and Brazoria.

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We are very accessible to each of our clients and offer free initial consultations to assess the options in your workers’ comp claim. Contact Us Today (713) 225-5050. Contact our Houston personal injury lawyers for more legal help.

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