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At Charles J. Argento, our Houston rideshare accident attorneys know that worse things can happen to passengers inside an Uber or Lyft vehicle than getting into a fender bender on the way to or from their destination.

Although Texas rideshare crashes can lead to severe injuries, there are significant concerns about passengers being sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, subjected to unwanted physical contact, indecent exposure, or even being raped by their drivers.

To date, thousands of riders have filed physical and sexual assault complaints against rideshare companies. Unfortunately, rideshare passengers, like those using Uber or Lyft, may be more vulnerable to physical or sexual assault for several reasons — none of which are their faults.

Here, we discuss some of the reasons these physical and sexual assaults may be occurring inside rideshare vehicles and what passengers can do if they fall victim to predatory drivers while using these services.

Uber and Lyft Sexual and Physical Assault Lawyer in Houston,

Why Are Passengers Being Sexually & Physically Assaulted by Uber & Lyft Drivers in Texas?

Rideshare passengers rely on app-based services to keep them safe during their journeys. However, based on the latest reports, some are suffering significant physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the company’s drivers.

The frequency in which these incidents occur can be attributed to:

  • The Fact that the Rideshare Driver is a Stranger

Rideshare services involve getting into a vehicle with a stranger, which can inherently pose a risk. Passengers may not be familiar with the driver or their background, leading to a sense of vulnerability.

  • Isolation

The one-on-one nature of rideshare trips can create an environment where passengers are more isolated, especially alone. This isolation can make it easier for a driver to take advantage of a passenger.

  • Limited Screening

While rideshare companies typically conduct background checks on their drivers, the screening process may not catch every potential risk. This can result in individuals with concerning backgrounds slipping through the cracks.

  • Late-Night Travel

Many rideshare trips occur during late-night hours when public transportation is limited, and people may be more susceptible to attacks in deserted areas or dimly lit locations.

  • Intoxication

Some passengers may use rideshare services after consuming alcohol or drugs, which can impair their judgment and ability to defend themselves.

  • Unfamiliarity with Routes

Passengers may not be familiar with the routes taken by drivers, making it difficult for them to identify if they are being taken off course intentionally.

While passengers should never blame themselves for attacks perpetrated by Uber and Lyft drivers, they must report any concerns to the rideshare company and law enforcement.

As the Uber and Lyft scandal becomes more widely publicized, more survivors of rideshare assault are taking legal action, and we want to help.

Uber and Lyft currently face hundreds of lawsuits filed by assault victims that allow survivors to seek legal compensation, justice, and accountability from the rideshare companies.

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