Oversized Truck Sends One Man to Hospital

Recently a number of drivers commuting to work on the US 290 connecting to I-10 East arrived late due to a truck-related accident. It also resulted in one driver being transported to the hospital.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that an oversized 18-wheeler hauling cargo hit an HOV bridge lane which connected US 290 to I-10 East at around 11 am. After the oversized load hit the bridge, a pickup hit the back of the truck.

The pickup truck driver was hospitalized. All other drivers were detoured to 610 southbound, and the road was re-opened the next morning.

Trucking Accidents and Liability

One’s knee-jerk reaction to such an accident may be to blame the driver. Statistically speaking, drivers are often the cause of truck-related accidents for a number of reasons including:

  • The driver had taken prescription drugs or over the counter drugs prior to driving
  • The driver was driving too quickly given the conditions of the road
  • The driver was tired
  • The driver was distracted

But the driver may not be responsible for the accident, or at least he or she may not be the only party who should be held accountable. Questions such as whether appropriate signage indicating how low the HOV bridge was and how the cargo was stacked by the loading company can all come into play.

In the majority of truck-related accidents, an attorney will explore whether any of the following parties were responsible and how much they should be held accountable:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The owner of the truck (or the trailer)
  • The individual or the company who chose to lease the truck or the trailer
  • The company who loaded and/or shipped the cargo
  • The manufacturer of any parts on the truck (including the brakes, the tires, and parts of the engine)

Gathering the Right Evidence to Prove Your Case

Many trucking companies utilize electronic event data recorders that have the ability to retain information about the truck, how fast it was traveling, patterns of speed and when (and if) brakes were used. In order to preserve that information, it is critical that you retain legal assistance as soon as possible so that that imperative data is not erased.

Charles J. Argento & Associates has the resources and experience necessary to ensure that all evidence is preserved and that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

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