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At Charles J. Argento, our Houston aviation accident attorney works tirelessly for Texas residents who have been injured in private and commercial airplane, helicopter, agricultural aviation, and sightseeing flights. These life-changing accidents can occur during business or personal travel, and often result in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

If you have been injured in an aviation accident, or have lost a loved one during these tragic circumstances, contact our Harris County personal injury lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold the liable party accountable for your complete damages.

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What are the Most Common Causes of Aviation Accidents in Texas?

The aviation industry in the United States is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA sets standards for the actions and activities of aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers, airport authorities, aircraft manufacturers, and spare parts suppliers.

The Administration often cites the following common factors that lead to aircraft crashes in Texas, and across the U.S.:

  • Air traffic control error
  • Aircraft mechanical errors, which may include faulty, defective, or failing parts
  • Defects in the airport runway
  • Error or misjudgment by the aircraft pilot
  • Human error
  • Ignoring inclement weather warnings
  • Not adhering to FAA regulations
  • Poor maintenance of any part of the aircraft
  • Structural or design defects which have not been noticed or remedied

When an aviation accident occurs, the federal National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for investigating the crash to discover the origin of the incident, and who or what was responsible for the accident taking place.

Because of the investigative nature of aviation accidents, they are highly publicized events that can cause significant distractions for the liable corporations and their insurance providers.

At Charles J. Argento, our skilled Houston aviation accident, injury, and fatality attorney will not allow the federal, state, or local investigation or the media to derail our examination of the incident. Our aggressive and thorough approach to pursuing the negligent person, party, or entity for our client’s full recovery needs is how we set our law firm apart. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Type of Financial Compensation Can I Pursue After a Texas Aviation Accident

When significant injuries or wrongful death occurs during a Texas aviation crash, our skilled Houston plane and helicopter accident attorneys will work closely with independent investigators who can help build our cases for success.

We will assess how the aviation accident has impacted your daily activities and overall quality of life to reach the best financial outcome for your unique case.

That may include:

  • Complete Medical Expenses
  • Lost Past and Future Wages
  • Diminished Earning Capacity
  • Scarring, Disfigurement, and/or Amputations
  • Short- or Long-Term Disability Needs
  • Lost Quality of Life
  • Pain and Suffering

Our Houston airplane crash attorney can help establish your lawsuit separately, or in conjunction with other passengers who were on board.

The aviation company, their insurance providers, and corporate attorneys will try to contact you directly after the crash. We recommend retaining an experienced Texas aviation attorney before speaking with anyone who may be liable for the crash or its financial settlements.

Suffering an injury in an airplane crash is a traumatic experience that can cause life-changing health and psychological problems. The last thing you should be charged with is negotiating the best outcome.

Allow our experienced aviation accident lawyers in Houston to take the lead in representing your or your family’s best interests.

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