Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Have you or your family been injured by a Car or Truck Accident, Personal Injury or Wrongful Death, it’s critical that you hire an attorney who you can trust to provide the best possible outcome for you and your family.  Hiring an attorney as quickly as you can after an incident has occurred is the only way to ensure that your best interests are protected from the start. When you work with an experienced law professional like Charles J. Argento with over 36 years of experience in a variety of practice areas, you can give yourself the best chance for success.

Whether you need a Houston car accident attorney, Houston personal injury attorney, or other legal assistance, Charles J. Argento is here to help, offering professional legal representation that is invaluable to clients who are in need of someone who will be on their side.  For clients who need representation from a Houston wrongful death attorney or other type of criminal attorney, the law office of Charles J. Argento is committed to providing expert legal representation that gets results.  Offering services in a wide variety of legal practice areas, we aggressively represent you with professional legal services that get you the resolution that you and your loved ones deserve.

With years of professional experience backing his areas of practice, the law office of Charles J. Argento offers expert legal services to a variety of clients in the following legal areas:

It’s important that you understand your rights before entering into any sort of legal proceeding.  It’s especially important for those who could benefit from working with a Houston work injury attorney or a Houston personal injury attorney.  Having this type of legal experience on your side can help protect individuals who are unable to pay their medical bills due to a workplace accident or who have been victims of medical malpractice.

In a criminal case that involves drunk driving or wrongful death charges, the services of a Houston criminal attorney are especially important, as the stakes can be incredibly high in terms of jail time and fines depending on the charges that you are being brought up on.

No matter what your legal needs are, when it comes to your quality of life and the quality of life of your loved ones, instead of leaving anything to chance, work with a professional who will move forward with your rights in mind.  When you partner with Charles J. Argento, you can rest assured that your rights will be represented fairly, no matter what type of legal matter you are facing.

In an emergency, you may not be thinking about your legal representation, however, if you have been injured or arrested, it’s critical that you hire an attorney right away.  Contacting Charles J. Argento for professional legal representation ensures that you’ll get the best partner for your legal situation at (713) 225-5050.

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