Got Milk? Higher Milk Hauling Limits Could Increase the Number of Dangerous Trucks on Texas Roads

With every new year comes many new laws affecting Texas residents—some more obviously than others. You may not think a law increasing the amount of milk that trucks can legally carry has much impact on your life; however, this new law could also increase the number of dangerously large trucks on Texas roads and highways. SB 1383 increases the weight limit for tractor-trailers hauling milk from 80,000 pounds to 90,000 pounds on state highways, county roads, and farm-to-market roads with a permit for tandem-axle trailers. The permit costs $1,200, and the revenue will be split between the counties where the trucks run, the state highway fund, and the DMV. But while the permit may generate some additional income for the state, what will it cost us in serious truck accidents involving tandem-axle trailers?

What Are Tandem-Axle Trailers?

A tandem-axle trailer is a trailer with two axles, one behind the other. Compared to a single-axle trailer, a tandem-axle trailer travels down the road in a straight line more easily and can carry more weight because the two axles help disperse the weight load of the cargo. However, tandem-axle trailers tend to be harder to maneuver than single-axle trailers, and their turning radius is limited. Thus, truck drivers with tandem-axle trailers may have a difficult time avoiding a collision with another vehicle and may cause a truck collision due to the tandem-axle trailer’s limited range of motion.

Staggeringly High Number of Truck Accidents in Harris County

In 2017 (the most recent data available), there were 5,876 commercial vehicle crashes in Harris County, resulting in 47 fatalities and 143 suspected serious injuries. That’s more than any other county in Texas, and over 2,000 more crashes than in Dallas County, which had the next-highest numbers. Arguably, a new law allowing for heavier trucks on Texas roads won’t help the matter and could lead to even more tragic truck accidents.

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