In Need of an Auto Insurance Coverage Attorney in Houston, TX?

Auto Insurance Claim/Coverage Lawyer in Houston, TX

In Need Of An Auto Insurance Coverage Attorney In Houston, TX?

Motor vehicle accidents happen so fast that it is hard to understand what happened and to determine who was at fault. The shock of the collision takes you by surprise, leaving you with the burden of putting the pieces together on your own. Are you hurt? Is your car totaled? Who else was involved? Did anyone see what happened? All of these questions flash at once and you need help. Where do you start?

Most car accident victims begin by exchanging auto insurance coverage information, while a police report and witness statements are obtained. If you are injured, it is important to seek medical care right away so your injuries can be recorded and you can seek the proper treatment. Before you are even able to begin putting the pieces back together, you will probably receive a call from the responsible party’s insurance company. It is important that you do not answer any questions or provide any information without first contacting our office for help.

Exploring Insurance Repayment Options

At Charles J. Argento, our attorney understands auto accident insurance coverage fully and knows that you — the injured victim — are eligible for more than just a repair shop bill reimbursement. The negligent driver that caused your injury has liability insurance that can be pursued for damages to your vehicle, property, health, and psychological injuries.

In addition, your car insurance includes personal injury protection that allows you to recover lost wages and medical bills usually up to $2,500, regardless of who is at fault. There are also medical coverage payments that can be purchased with your car insurance, compensating you up to $5,000. Check your policy or talk to your insurance agent about your coverage details immediately following a car wreck or allow our Houston car accident attorney to review your policy for compensation entitlement on your behalf.

Uninsured motorist and under-insured motorist coverage can also help get you through an auto accident when the other driver does not have the resources to pay for your financial losses. Furthermore, your health insurance can cover medical expenses even if another person is at fault in the crash.

Aggressive Representation by Houston Auto Insurance Attorney

With each of these insurance areas available for financial recovery, the only thing standing between you and a settlement is the insurance companies. Dealing with agents and representatives can be intimidating and frustrating. At Charles J. Argento, we work tirelessly to pursue the responsible driver, their insurance company, and your insurance company to ensure that you are able to recover fully from the aftermath of an accident.

Even if you do not have health insurance, we can provide a letter of protection that allows you to visit partnering physicians in the Houston area who will assess your injuries. These records will be submitted for the purposes of filing a lawsuit. These healthcare professionals work in the same contingency efforts as our firm and only collect payment for their services when a settlement has been reached and recovered.

Get the Help From Our Houston Car Insurance Lawyer You Need Now

Charles J. Argento & Associates is an accomplished Houston personal injury attorney who has faced countless insurance companies, their representatives, and attorneys. He fights for the rights of each client and has a track record of success in recovering the compensation they are entitled to and regaining the quality of life they experienced prior to the collision. Insurance coverage typically is allotted in limited payment amounts and can only be recovered with the help of a dedicated legal team to uncover each segment of the insurance policy at hand, on both sides of the accident. We will dissect the coverage available so that you are eligible for the best settlement within your legal rights. Keep in mind that there is very little time to file a legal claim after a car crash, so make our office your very first call.

Call our experienced Houston car insurance attorney today at (713) 225-5050 to understand exactly what auto insurance coverage is available to you either from the person responsible for your injuries or from your individual pool of coverage. We provide free consultations and are available to discuss your case right away so you can begin the path of healing. You will never pay a fee upfront and our office will not collect any monetary payment unless a settlement has been reached in your favor.

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