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At Charles J. Argento, our Houston mass tort attorney is keeping a close eye on weight loss drugs being prescribed across the U.S. that are causing significant side effects in users who were not warned about the potential hazards of taking the medication.

That includes the Tirzepatide, sold under the brand names Mounjaro and Zepbound.

Mounjaro is the brand name for Eli Lilly’s injectable type 2 diabetes drug that mimics the action of hormones in the body that activate the GLP-1 and GIP receptors. In trials, it helped patients to regulate blood sugar levels and achieve lower A1c numbers effectively.

Mounjaro works similarly to weight loss drugs such as Ozempic, and many people experience weight loss while taking it. However, it is only FDA-approved to treat type 2 diabetes. While the same drug as Mounjaro, Zepbound is the brand name for the drug tirzepatide when doctors prescribe it for weight loss.

Although Mounjaro is FDA-approved to treat Type 2 diabetes, many doctors prescribe it off-label as a weight loss medication. Clinical studies have shown it more effective than semaglutide — the critical ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy — for weight loss and blood sugar control. Wegovy and Zepbound are FDA-approved for weight loss; Ozempic and Mounjaro are not.

Mounjaro Lawsuit

However, new reports are stating that Mounjaro can cause serious health complications that require hospitalization for treatment. Zepbound was just approved by the FDA in November 2023, which may be too soon to realize the overall side effects associated with its use.

If you have been using Mounjaro and have suffered severe side effects from its use, contact our dedicated Texas personal injury lawyer today to learn how we can help pursue the manufacturer for your damages.

Are Patients Filing Lawsuits Against Eli Lilly & Company for Mounjaro’s Damages?

As of February 2024, lawsuits against Mounjaro are in their initial stages and have been filed by individuals who used Mounjaro for weight loss and have suffered gastrointestinal or gallbladder injuries.

Last year, a lawsuit was reported on CNN alleging that Eli Lilly and Company knew its diabetes drug Mounjaro could cause severe gastrointestinal issues but failed to warn consumers.

One of the common side effects associated with Mounjaro use is called delayed gastric emptying, or gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis is a disorder that “slows or stops the movement of food from your stomach to your small intestine, even though there is no blockage in the stomach or intestines,” according to the National Institutes of Health.

Other serious side effects of Mounjaro include thyroid tumors, pancreatitis, changes in vision, hypoglycemia, gallbladder issues, kidney failure, and cancer.

These conditions are the basis of current lawsuits, claiming Lilly, Mounjaro’s manufacturer, failed to warn consumers about the complete risks associated with the drug’s use.

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