Why You Should Not Accept a Hasty Settlement after a Truck-Related Accident

Every day there are accidents involving vehicles in the metro Houston area, but often the most serious are those that are truck-related. While we would like to think that these are infrequent events, a quick read of the Houston traffic reports over the past few months alone proves otherwise.

Recently a frightening truck accident at the Gulf Freeway and South Loop sent a tanker truck up in flames, unfortunately claiming one life. Following another incident in April 2014, a big-rig driver is now facing intoxication manslaughter charges after allegedly causing a fatal crash near Cook Road.

Why Big Rigs Often Cause Bigger Injuries

There are a number of reasons why truck accidents cause a number of needless injuries and in Texas:

  • Trucks can weigh up to 40 tons – significantly larger than your average one or two-ton vehicle;
  • Tractor-trailers require longer stopping distances which drivers often misjudge;
  • Trucks are less maneuverable than vehicles or SUVs;
  • Poor truck maintenance (particularly poor brake maintenance) can pose an increased level of danger on the road;
  • Truckers spend long hours behind the wheel which can lead to inattention, distracted driving or fatigue, and often results in these large vehicles veering off the road;
  • Truckers may misjudge their ability to navigate a truck at regular speeds in poor weather conditions;
  • Aggressive driving.

Press “Pause” On Any Settlement

Almost as soon as a truck accident occurs, the truck owner and the commercial insurer will be right on the scene starting their investigation, sometimes even before the person who has been injured has left or received medical treatment!

While the injured person may be too hurt or confused to consider all that has happened, these advantageous investigators will be right in there taking pictures, gathering evidence, and obtaining witness statements.

What Happens Next?

They calculate their potential financial losses and offer the innocent victim as small a settlement as possible, one that we believe is often far below what he or she actually deserves.

Protecting Yourself with a Personal Injury Attorney

Charles J. Argento & Associates has spent years winning significant settlements for his clients by taking decisive and aggressive action against these trucking companies and their insurance companies. When combined with his access to qualified forensic, scientific, and medical experts, he is able to hold those accountable liable for the injuries they have caused and will ensure that you or your loved one receive the settlement that will medically and financially take care of them now and into the future.

We invite you to call our Houston personal injury attorney office of Charles J. Argento at (713) 225-5050 to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you to obtain the settlement you deserve.

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