18 Wheeler Houston Accident Has Auto Wedged Between Barrier

Driver in Houston needed the Jaws of Life to free him from his vehicle that was trapped between an 18 Wheeler and concrete barrier.

The truck accident happened June 25, 2014 in the early morning hours during the heavy rains that hit the Houston area. The 18 Wheeler, accident occurred on North Sam Houston and Bammel North Houston Road.

This truck accident closed several lanes of traffic for hours until it was cleared.  Injuries to the drivers and cause of the auto accident was undetermined at this time.

We represent Houston truck Accident victims and loved ones for serious injuries and death.

Common causes of truck accidents are as follows:

  • Improper loading
  • Speeding
  • Improperly maintained 18 Wheelers
  • Reckless driving

If you drive on Houston, Texas Freeways, you must share the road with commercial trucks.  It is important for you to understand the limitations and capabilities of these large vehicles, in order to prevent serious accidents.  We can help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.  Houston, Texas 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer, Charles J. Argento & Associates can help ensure you receive the monetary damages you deserve and guarantee that all responsible parties will be held accountable for causing the accident.

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