Safety Tips for Traveling in Houston Construction Zones

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident attorney knows that construction on our Texas roadways is a common occurrence. Each year — and some for multiple years — Houston’s highways become home to massive construction projects to make travel safer, reduce flooding, and provide long-term capacity for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Since there is little commuters, 18-wheelers, and other vehicles can do to avoid construction projects on our roadways, our Houston personal injury lawyers have tips for keeping drivers, vehicle occupants, and road workers safe.

Driving Tips to Increase Construction Zone Safety in Houston

Daily changes in traffic patterns in Houston and throughout Texas lead to narrowed rights-of-way, and other construction activities often create a combination of dangerous factors resulting in crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

Last year, the Federal Highway Administration reported 857 traffic fatalities occurred in construction zones. Sadly, 37% involved a speeding driver and could have been prevented. Another 27% involved commercial vehicles, and 20% involved rear-end collisions.

When it comes to traveling on our Houston highways and driving near construction zones, we need all drivers to do their part to help save lives.

Other important construction zone safety tips include:

  • Slow down! Slowing down allows you to react more quickly to other vehicles, pedestrians, workers, and other potential dangers on the road.
  • Move your vehicle into the far lane to help avoid the construction site and its workers.
  • Keep your distance from other drivers to avoid rear-end collisions that can turn a two-car collision into a catastrophic pile-up in areas where there are lane restrictions.
  • Staying focused on the road by avoiding the use of electronics — especially cellphones — while driving. Construction zone travel lanes change frequently and require all the driver’s attention.

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