Construction Zone Safety Helps Save Lives in Texas

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston auto accident attorney knows that our city is no stranger to roadwork construction zones. This is true for most large Texas cities. The reality is that our state’s infrastructure relies on constant upgrades to thrive. Unfortunately, the year-round roadwork comes at a cost.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, last year alone, there were over 25,000 traffic crashes in work zones in Texas, resulting in 205 deaths — including 175 motorists and vehicle passengers, 27 pedestrians, two bicyclists, and one roadside worker — and 788 serious injuries.

Here, our Harris County personal injury attorney discusses tips for all Texans to navigate construction zones everywhere safely.

  • Watch for Changing Speed Limits and Obey the Reduced Pace

Construction zones are inherently known for reduced speed limits. These are not suggestions. They are requirements. Because of the changing landscape, shifting lanes, heavy machinery, and workers entering and exiting roadwork areas, drivers MUST slow down to react to unexpected occurrences.

  • Pay Attention and Focus on the Task of Driving

Any minor distraction, including onboard electronics, cellphones, passengers, or even reaching for coffee, can take your eyes off the road long enough to cause severe accidents.

  • Follow the Updated Roadwork Signs and Signals

Construction zones are marked with signs, cones, and barriers providing crucial information about lane closures, detours, and potential hazards. Please pay close attention to them and follow their instructions diligently.

  • Do Not Tailgate

Construction zones give rise to sudden stops. Allowing more room between you and the vehicle in front of you gives everyone enough time to stop safely, if necessary, and avoid a potential chain-reaction accident.

  • Avoid Abrupt Lane Changes

Construction zones are designed to warn drivers that upcoming lane closures, shifting traffic patterns, and roadwork crews lie ahead. Prepare for these conditions at first sight of the signs. Do not wait until the last minute to change or switch lanes once you are in the construction zone.

  • Obey Flaggers and Workers

Construction personnel provide direction that helps keep everyone safe. Follow their instructions to help maintain a steady traffic flow through the construction zone.

  • Plan and Be Patient

No one wants to travel through roadway projects and construction zones because they inherently delay their travel. To help avoid roadway stoppages, search your travel route on your cellphone or onboard GPS to locate construction zones and plan your travel around them. If that is not possible, be patient with the process. Becoming frustrated or aggressive only puts everyone on our roadways in danger — yourself included.

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