What is the “High Injury Network” in Houston, Texas?

Charles J. Argento, our Texas car accident and injury attorney knows Houston has around 184 car accidents every day, or 7.6 accidents per hour, according to the Houston Vision Zeron Action Plan. This is more than any other city in Texas.

Last year, there were 331 total fatalities and 1,620 serious injuries on Houston’s streets. This means nearly every day, someone loses their life, and close to five people every day suffer a severe injury in a traffic crash on Houston streets. During the last four years, the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries increased by an average of 18% each year.


Unfortunately, those who live or work in Houston know that certain streets have much higher accident rates than others. They might not know that those areas have a name: the High Injury Network (HIN).

What is the Houston High Injury Network?

The High Injury Network (HIN) is a map of 9% of the city’s streets, which account for 58% of serious injuries and deaths in traffic crashes. The HIN identifies streets with a disproportionate number of active transportation injuries for all age groups.

Of the City of Houston projects, 1.3 miles of the High Injury Network had safety improvements last year. This makes up less than 1% of the HIN.

The following ten High Injury Network locations are currently planning, designing, or constructing improvements that align with Vision Zero:

  • Martin Luther King Blvd/Griggs Road/Calhoun Road Bikeway
  • Shepherd Drive/Durham Drive Reconstruction
  • Fondren Road Paving and Drainage
  • Hillcroft Avenue Safety Improvements Project
  • Airline Drive BOOST 56
  • Freeport Blvd Sidewalk Improvements
  • Cavalcade Street/Homestead Road Bikeway
  • Quitman Street Safety Improvements
  • North Main Street Bikeway
  • Rankin Road Curb Repair and Ditch Regrading

Whether you travel HIN areas regularly, live in Houston, or only commute to the city for work, traffic accidents can happen anywhere and anytime negligence is a factor. The top contributing factors to traffic deaths and serious injuries throughout Houston last were speed, impairment, distracted driving, disobeying traffic signs and signals, failing to yield right-of-way, and unsafe driving maneuvers.

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