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How are Catastrophic Injuries Different from Other Houston Accident Injuries?

Posted on February 28, 2021

At Charles J. Argento, our experienced personal injury attorneys in Houston focus on providing the legal representation our residents need to pursue the financial recovery they are entitled to after suffering injuries caused by negligence.  These injuries can occur during car crashes, commercial truck collisions, medical malpractice, at work, on public, private, or government property, […]

What Happens if I am Injured in an Accident with a Commercial Delivery Driver?

Posted on January 29, 2021

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, online sales for everything from clothing and electronics to groceries and household goods has risen 43%. With that rise came the need for more delivery drivers, including those hired directly by Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, or UPS and independent contractors, to keep up with their delivery […]

Will My Houston Personal Injury Claim Include Compensation for Pain and Suffering?

Posted on December 29, 2020

After a car crash, truck collision, or premises liability accident, or another personal injury in Texas, you may face costly medical bills, lost wages, and out of pocket expenses that are immediately overwhelming. While medical bills and lost wages are tangible economic damages that can be calculated using simple math, it can be difficult to […]

Can Video Footage Help Build My Houston Personal Injury Claim?

Posted on November 29, 2020

At Charles J. Argento, our experienced personal injury attorney in Houston provides our clients with the legal guidance and skill they need to build an effective case that allows us to pursue success inside and outside the courtroom. In doing so, we examine each potential evidentiary element that will allow us to hold the negligent […]

The Universal Insurance Company Approach to Injury Claims: Demand. Delay. Devalue.

Posted on October 29, 2020

At Charles J. Argento, our personal injury attorney in Houston understands how much we all count on our insurance coverage to make us whole when something goes wrong. We carry coverage on our homes, our health, our vehicles, and other property just in case something bad happens because it was designed to protect us and […]

Can I Afford To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas?

Posted on September 29, 2020

Personal injuries can occur during a car or truck accident, medical malpractice, on public, private, or government-owned premises, and even at work when negligence is part of the equation.  When our Harris County residents are injured because of another person or party’s negligent actions — or inactions — they are often confused about where to […]

Understanding the Phases of Houston Personal Injury Claims

Posted on June 29, 2020

If you have been hurt in a car or truck accident or were blindsided by a negligent drunk driver, your life is going to look very different than before the collision occurred. You have already sought medical care, and are attending all follow-up, rehabilitation, and therapy appointments to ensure your injuries are healing properly in hopes […]

How Long Does a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Produce Results?

Posted on May 29, 2020

Our Houston personal injury attorney, Charles J. Argento, knows there is nothing normal about getting seriously hurt — or losing a loved one — because of another person, party, or company’s negligence. Accidents with injuries are often devastating, and the financial fallout overwhelming, leaving families throughout the State of Texas reeling from collisions, defective products, […]

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Representing Clients During Our Stay-At-Home Order

Posted on April 29, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the health and well-being of communities across the country, Houston’s Stay-At-Home Order has been extended to April 30, 2020, to help our city do its part in slowing the virus in Texas. While movements have slowed throughout the State, our Houston personal injury attorney, Charles J. Argento, understands […]

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Houston Personal Injury Cases?

Posted on March 29, 2020

All states have imposed legal limits on the amount of time individuals have to file a lawsuit in civil court. Personal injury cases in the State of Texas are a form of civil lawsuits that typically fall under a two-year statute of limitations, with some accidents requiring action in less time, depending on the circumstances […]

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