The Universal Insurance Company Approach to Injury Claims: Demand. Delay. Devalue.

At Charles J. Argento, our personal injury attorney in Houston understands how much we all count on our insurance coverage to make us whole when something goes wrong.

We carry coverage on our homes, our health, our vehicles, and other property just in case something bad happens because it was designed to protect us and serve as an assurance that when something goes wrong, we are covered.

Unfortunately, our Harris County personal injury lawyers know first hand that the universal insurance company slogan — no matter the carrier — is to demand more from the injured, delay their response, and devalue the claim to protect their bottom line.

That is why we are here. To fight for the financial recovery you deserve, without the obstacles.

When Insurance Companies Make Demands, We Aggressively Respond

If you are injured in a Houston car accident or truck accident caused by a negligent driver, their insurance company is going to waste no time in contacting you.

When they do, they are going to demand a recorded statement to get your side of the story regarding how the accident occurred.

Initially, they are going to act as if they are concerned about your condition. In reality, they are warming up to you to get you to say things like, “I’m okay” or “I feel better,” so they can record your statement and use it against you. After all, you cannot be too injured, if you are “okay.”

They will also ask questions that will elicit responses that can be misconstrued as you — the injury victim — taking some of the responsibility for the crash.

Here’s what you need to know: You do not owe anyone else’s insurance company a statement.

When you refuse to give a statement, the insurance company representative will become aggressive, because you are interfering with their ability to manipulate your conversation.

Tell them to call your attorney, Charles J. Argento & Associates. We will handle all communication with the insurance company, so you can focus on healing.

Delay. Delay. Delay. And Maybe You Will Go Away

When you attempt to handle a car accident injury claim on your own, the insurance company will begin the claim with delays. Delayed responses. Delays in filing paperwork. Delays in providing results.

There are deadlines and statutes of limitation that insurance companies must follow, and to discourage injury victims from pursuing their claim too aggressively, they will delay their response only to say, “You owe us more proof that our driver was at fault.”

They want you to feel unsure about your claim’s validity, so you begin to question whether you deserve financial recovery.

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston personal injury lawyer will handle your claim from the time of the accident through your recovery, ensuring all the legal paperwork is filed properly and on time, so the insurance company cannot delay your recovery any longer.

Lowball Settlement Offers is a Victory for Insurance Companies

The most common insurance company approach to handling an insurance claim is to provide the injured party with a lowball settlement offer, so they can close the book on the claim while paying the lowest amount possible.

This actually works, because injury victims have mounting medical bills and may be out of work, so they need the cash now.

Unfortunately, when these offers happen, the injury victim may not know the extent of their injuries or overall financial needs yet. This means if the injured party agrees to a $10,000 settlement, but their overall accident damages are $50,000, they are going to be on the hook for the other $40,000 in expenses.

These lowball settlements are irreversible, which is why the insurance company counts on them.

Do not accept an offer or sign anything submitted by the insurance company without speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston first.

You deserve the maximum financial recovery for your claim, and our Houston car accident attorneys will pursue the best outcome available for your unique case.

Insurance Company Offering a Low Settlement for My Injuries

If you were hurt because of another person or party’s negligence, there is a good chance the liable party’s insurance company has already contacted you.

At Charles J. Argento, our experienced personal injury attorney in Houston is never surprised to hear from potential clients that the insurance company is doing everything they can to get in touch with the accident victim, under the guise of simply taking their statement.

Once the insurance company has the injured person on the phone, the representative will begin the conversation with a very friendly disposition, asking seemingly innocuous questions like, “How are you feeling?” The goal is to get you to say, “I’m fine” so they can use that statement against you later.

After all, how hurt can you be if you are fine?

That is just one of the tricks insurance companies use to delay, undervalue, or even deny your claim.

Here is why.

Insurance Companies Put Profits First.

Whether it is the negligent party’s insurance company or your personal representative, insurance companies are businesses that place profits before their policyholder’s best interests.

Settling personal injury claims for compensation is not the primary reason an insurance company is in business.

An insurance company is primarily in business to make money for its shareholders.

That is why a low-ball offer will be their first line of defense when assessing your personal injury claim — they simply do not want to pay what your claim is worth.

The Insurance Company Strategy.

Increasing profits means lessening any potential for huge personal injury claim payouts.

This is where their proven strategies and tricky tactics come in.

Insurance representatives will contact you immediately after an accident occurs to — quite literally — catch you at the worst possible time to give a statement.

If you are injured and are under a doctor’s care, you may be medicated, confused, anxious, and stressed about what to do next.

When insurance companies catch you at a bad time, they can manipulate the conversation in their favor. That includes offering a low settlement offer, hoping that you will accept it just to put this challenging time behind you.

Ideally, the insurance company will reach you before you have contacted a personal injury lawyer, so they know you are at your most vulnerable.

You do not have to speak with the insurance company right away — so don’t.

Do Not Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim Before the Extent of Your Injuries is Known.

If you have been injured in a car accident, truck crash, slip, and fall, medical malpractice, or at-work injury in Texas, seek medical care right away and avoid making a statement to the insurance company until your injuries have been fully assessed.

There is no way you can know what type of financial recovery you will need if you do not know the full extent of your injuries and how long they will take to heal.

You may require follow-up care that results in X-Rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other specialty instructions before the medical procedures even begin. Be sure each of your medical needs is outlined before speaking with the insurance company, so they cannot entice you with an offer that may not cover your complete needs.

Attempting to Handle the Case Without a Lawyer.

While this may seem self-serving, since we are Houston, personal injury lawyers, taking on the insurance company without legal representation will almost always end in a lower settlement than one an attorney could negotiate on your behalf.

Our experience allows us to outline your complete needs, including medical care costs, lost wages, and miscellaneous expenses that will arise as you continue to heal. Do not underestimate your compensation needs. We can help you pursue the maximum amount for your personal injury claims.

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