The Importance of Requesting a Police Report After a Traffic Accident in Texas

At Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident and injury attorneys know you must report a motor vehicle accident in Texas to the police if there is an injury or fatality, the vehicles cannot be moved, or property damage is over $1,000. However, it seems unlikely that someone who has just been involved in a crash can determine the cost of their vehicle damage without the help of a professional, so it is recommended that anyone who is involved in a collision call the police.

Requesting a police report after a traffic accident in Texas is crucial for several reasons. It provides an official, unbiased account of the incident, which can be invaluable for insurance claims, legal proceedings, and personal records.

Here, we discuss what goes into a Texas police report, and why the details can help support your car accident and injury claim.

What Do Texas Police Include in Their Crash Reports?

The police report includes detailed information about the accident, such as the date, location, and parties involved. It often contains statements from witnesses, which can provide additional perspectives on what happened.

The report also includes the investigating officer’s observations, which can be critical in determining fault.

Insurance companies use police reports to help determine the facts of the accident and assess liability. So do we. These critical reports support your claim by providing an objective account of the incident. If there is a dispute about how the accident occurred or who was at fault, the police report serves as a critical piece of evidence to resolve these disagreements.

In addition, if the other party tries to blame you for the accident or claims damages that did not occur, the police report can provide a factual basis to counter these claims.

Requesting a police report after a traffic accident in Texas is essential for accurate documentation, supporting insurance claims, and protecting your legal rights.

It provides a reliable and unbiased account of the incident, which can be invaluable in various situations following the accident. Ensuring you have this critical evidence can help you navigate the accident’s aftermath more effectively and safeguard your interests.

Once the police crash report is filed, you can request a copy directly from the Crash Records Information System, or our experienced attorneys can obtain the essential document for you.

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