Texas Premises Liability Case Continues

A premises liability suit filed against Buffalo Wild Wings by a former waitress is continuing in Texas.

Amanda Beuhler filed the suit against RC Port Arthur after slipping on a freshly mopped floor in a Buffalo Wild Wings kitchen in December 2013. According to court documents, Beuhler stopped at the Beaumont restaurant to view her work schedule but sustained a broken ankle after the fall.

In the suit, Beuhler maintains that the area was devoid of any warning signs, citing negligence on behalf of the defendant. However, the defendant filed an amended answer in June that suggested the waitress was the sole negligent party, as she was trespassing at the time and failed to exercise any ordinary care.

In addition to exemplary damages, Beuhler is seeking alleged past and future medical compensation, in addition to damages to cover pain, anguish, impairment, and lost wages.

Handling Your Texas Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability can best be defined as the state or federal statutes that help keep our environment safe, wherever we may be. This includes sidewalks, stairwells or common grounds surrounding the premises.

The most common form of premises liability injury is slip and fall. Typically, when injuries occur on, or at, neglected premises, victims suffer a range of injuries, including concussions or broken bones.

Premises liability laws specifically focus on those visiting the area, and how they sustained an injury due to subpar property conditions. Such a visitor falls under one of three categories – invitee, licensee, or trespasser – and each has its own implications for determining neglect in the case.

For example, unlike an invitee or licensee, trespassers forego their right to safety because they have no right to be on the property in question. However, if a property does not adequately divert entrance with the appropriate signage or fencing, it is still possible that damages can be recovered.

The fact is, no two cases are alike. When it comes to handling these types of cases, you need legal representation that is prepared to take the necessary measures and build a rock-solid case that helps yield the highest financial results.

The premises liability attorneys at Charles J. Argento & Associates believe your future should never be compromised by another’s negligent behavior. Our team of skilled and compassionate attorneys is committed to helping you build the strongest case possible. We offer our services on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not pay if we do not settle.

Let us negotiate your premises liability settlement. If you have suffered a premises liability injury, call our office today at (713) 225-5050 to schedule your initial consultation.

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