Texas Court Ruling Allows Evidence of Seatbelt Non-Use in Car Accidents

A recent decision of the Texas Supreme Court may impact the outcome of car accident litigation, potentially reducing the number of damages that an injured plaintiff can claim.

For more than 4 decades, evidence of the use or non-use of seatbelts was not admissible in car accident cases. Back then, it was thought that seatbelts did not cause accidents so their introduction as evidence in court was prohibited by Texas statute. This statutory prohibition was later repealed followed by another major change in personal injury law. The change allows proof of the contributory negligence of the plaintiff to mitigate the award of damages against the erring motor vehicle driver.

Reversal of the Award of Damages

The Supreme Court also stated that car seatbelts are fitted in all new vehicles nowadays and their use is currently a legal requirement.

The latest decision reversed the lower court’s $2.5 million awards to the family of a deceased car accident victim.

A car accident can have catastrophic effects, particularly when the other vehicle is a truck, semi-truck, or trailer-truck carrying heavy loads. In North Texas recently, a young mother and her 2 sons aged 5 and 2 years old, lost their lives in a car accident after an alleged drunk driver crashed his truck into her car. The driver was traveling in the wrong direction along US Highway 67 in Alvarado. Another child who was also in the car was injured and taken to a hospital for immediate treatment.

If the defendant driver and his employer can present evidence of the victims’ non-use of seatbelts at the time of the accident, legal responsibility for damages arising from the crash may be apportioned among the victim’s family and the defendant driver and trucking company.

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