How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You in Houston

Getting the money you deserve after a Texas accident isn’t easy. Having the help of a personal injury attorney can not only make your life easier; it can increase the likelihood that your claim will be successful. Read on to learn how a Houston personal injury attorney can help you after an accident in Texas.

You’ll know your claim is in good and knowledgeable hands.

After a serious car accident, it can be overwhelming simply to keep up with the regular demands of daily life. Trying to haggle for the damages you’re owed after an accident, filing the necessary paperwork, and even just learning how to file a lawsuit can leave you completely overwhelmed. Hiring a personal injury attorney means that you’ll have someone experienced and knowledgeable to handle all the confusing paperwork and negotiating on your behalf.

You’ll have an accurate understanding of the value of your case.

When you’re hurt, you may know what your medical bills and accident-related expenses have been so far, but you’re probably not equipped to predict how much they’ll cost you in the future, nor what other money damages you may be owed for things like pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney can let you know what your case is truly worth so that a tightfisted defendant doesn’t take advantage of your ignorance during settlement talks.

You won’t be obligated to pay attorneys’ fees unless you win.

Hiring a lawyer for your accident claim might sound like it would be too expensive for you to do, even if it were the most prudent course of action. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers tend to work on a contingency basis. This means that they don’t collect any fees unless they’re successful in winning your lawsuit. This also means that your attorney will be highly motivated to work hard for you to win your case.

You’re ready for trial if you’re unable to reach a settlement.

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court, but in a small minority of cases, the at-fault party is unwilling to provide a fair settlement. There are many reasons why insurers and defense attorneys take claimants more seriously when they’re represented by an attorney, and one major reason is that the defendants know a lawyer is ready and able to sue if settlement talks fail. By hiring an attorney to handle your personal injury claim, you’ll not only have better chances of receiving an optimal result through settlement talks; you’ll also be ready to continue pursuing claims in court as soon as it becomes clear that the at-fault party isn’t going to pay you what you deserve.

If You Have Hip Replacement Implant Problems, Our Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

As the body ages, joints in the hips can gradually deteriorate, affecting their range of motion, causing debilitating pain and reducing overall quality of life. Depending on the severity of the joint damage, patients may need hip implants – medical devices used to replace hip joints. The replacement implant is intended to restore joint mobility and provide pain relief in the arthritic joint.

In the United States, a renowned manufacturer has recalled some of its hip replacement devices after thousands of patients exhibited painful side effects, including allergic reactions, tumor or soft tissue mass formations, and cobalt or chromium poisoning. To correct the emerging problems, affected patients needed to undergo a second expensive and painful surgery for the removal of the implant.

Evidence present in personal injury cases filed across various states in the U.S. indicated that up to 40 percent of these hip replacement devices are expected to fail within 5 years following the implantation. Thus, if you’ve received a hip implant, you may need to see your doctor about the possibility of side effects.

If your doctor recommends a revision surgery in your situation, you may be entitled to legal compensation for your current and future health issues.

In Texas, patients affected by product defects may have a legal claim against the manufacturer and seller for the recovery of damages. Company representatives of the manufacturer may initiate settlement discussions with you and offer an amount that may not fully compensate all your costs: past, current, and future. Nor may they provide compensation for your pain and suffering.

It’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer before talking to anyone associated with the hip implant manufacturer or distributor.

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