How Should I Deal With a Low Insurance Settlement Offer for My Texas Car Accident & Injuries?

Our Houston car accident attorney, Charles J. Argento, represents clients throughout Texas who have been injured in vehicle collisions, so they can pursue the best outcome for their unique cases.

The best approach to making this happen is for the car crash and injury victims to contact our experienced Harris County personal injury attorney immediately after seeking medical care — or as soon as they are well enough to discuss the collision.

If you reach out to the at-fault driver’s insurance company first — as many people do — you will be met with an undervalued settlement offer, or worse, an immediate denial of your claim.

Because accident and injury victims throughout Texas expect a negligent driver’s insurance company to do the right thing, they are often surprised by low settlement offers — especially when they are still unsure of their overall expenses. It stands to reason that it would be impossible to provide a settlement offer when you do not know the extent of your injuries or the types of treatment you will need going forward. We agree. Unfortunately, this is when the insurance company will provide a settlement, so they can catch you at a desperate moment, and hope you take the bait.

You do not have to face the insurance company alone. This is true even if you have already been offered an unacceptable settlement offer. We can help.

How Will Charles J. Argento Help Properly Value My Houston Car Accident and Injury Claim?

Our skilled auto accident lawyer in Houston knows exactly how to value your complete damages before we begin our negotiations with the insurance company, so no detail is left to chance during our exchanges.

We will examine your:

  • Current Medical Expenses.
  • Future Medical Needs.
  • Financial Statements and Pay Stubs.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses Incurred During Treatment.

Once we are certain each of your expenses is accounted for, we will outline how the accident has impacted your daily activities and overall quality of life to ensure your full compensation needs are covered from the start.

We will begin aggressively negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company, never backing down from the certain challenges they will try to impose on your claim. We will assure the insurance company understands that if they are unwilling to negotiate your claim outside of the courtroom, we will be prepared to take your case to trial.

While fewer than 5% of personal injury cases make it inside the courtroom, insurance companies are much more likely to settle when they know we are trial ready. And we are always trial ready.

Our law firm does not get paid until we obtain a settlement or verdict for your unique case.

Why is the Insurance Company Denying My Texas Car Accident and Injury Claim?

Our Houston car accident attorneys at Charles J. Argento know there is a reportable crash every 57 seconds throughout the state of Texas.

Our Harris County personal injury lawyer also knows those crashes lead to one collision injury every 2.12 minutes, and a fatality every 1.57 hours, according to the Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts.

When our residents are involved in serious traffic collisions caused by negligent drivers that lead to catastrophic injuries or the tragic deaths of their loved ones, the last thing they expect is for the insurance company to outright deny their claims.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than most of our Texas residents could imagine. If you started a car accident claim with a negligent driver’s insurance company — or your own — and the claim was denied or significantly undervalued, contact our dedicated car accident lawyers in Houston for help revisiting your claim today.

Why is the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Company Denying My Texas Car Accident & Injury Claim?

The most common reason insurance companies deny car accident and injury claims is because they can. Most have a response policy that requires the company to initially deny all claims, unless the injured party can provide a legally viable case that pinpoints their policyholder was at fault for the crash.

Most Texas accident and injury victims will receive a response from the at-fault party’s insurance provider stating one or more of the following reasons why they are denying their claims:

  • You are Partially or Wholly Liable for the Accident.
  • Insufficient Evidence or Documentation to Support the Claim.
  • Lack of Medical Documentation that Your Injuries Were Caused by the Crash.

Many vehicle insurance providers will require injury victims to build their claims to meet the same legal threshold a personal injury attorney would or deny their claim outright. Even if you have already pursued the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, only to receive a denial, we can help pursue the financial recovery you deserve by filing a personal injury claim against the insurance provider.

You should not have to pay for your car accident and injury expenses out of your pocket. We can help.

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Our law firm does not get paid until we obtain a settlement or verdict for your unique case.

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