Gulfgate HEB Death Spurs Wrongful Death Suit

In the fall of last year, the life of a wife and mother was swiftly taken because an elderly individual allegedly accelerated her vehicle while in reverse gear. Now the husband of the victim is filing a wrongful death suit.

On October 19th 31-year-old Carla Sanchez was standing in line at an HEB checkout in the Gulfgate area with her 2-year daughter. Unexpectedly, a Saturn SUV which had been parked outside of the market reversed at high speed, crashing through a concrete barrier and through the wall of the store. Despite how quickly the events unfolded, Sanchez was able to push her toddler out of the way. Unfortunately, her life was taken as a result.

Seven other people, both customers, and employees were injured and were transported to area hospitals.

Damages of Over $1 Million Sought by Husband

Days after the tragic event, Sanchez’s husband filed a wrongful death suit. His claim is that:

  1. The 74-year old driver of the SUV was negligent
  2. The pillars or bollards at the store were poorly maintained and deficient

At the time of the filing, HEB stated that their safety team was investigating both the facts and the circumstances with the Houston Police Department and the fire department.

No charges have been filed against the driver. The husband of the driver has stated that the driver was not on prescription medicine, had a good driving record and that the SUV made a strange sound right before the accident occurred.

What Damages Can Be Claimed in a Wrongful Death Suit?

There are generally two categories in which a client’s wrongful death case may fall:

Category 1: Damages from When the Accident Occurred until Death

This category covers any damages or compensation from the time a victim has been in a car accident to the time of their death. In Sanchez’s case, as death was immediate, it would be unlikely that the claim would fall under this category.

Category 2: Losses Experienced by Loved Ones after Death

This type of compensation is designed to compensate the survivors of the deceased for any financial losses they may have suffered. This category includes items such as lost wages until the victim’s expected retirement. This could also include loss of consortium (loss of comfort, solace, moral support, etc.).

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