Defective Dresser Kills Young Boy

A popular foreign furniture manufacturer was recently blamed for a two-year-old boy’s death due to a defect in the design of one of its dressers.

The manufacturer failed to notify its consumers that the dresser could easily fall over unless it was secured against a wall – and allegedly a boy’s life was lost as a result. The family not only took legal action against the manufacturing company but also the manager of the store where the dresser was purchased because the manager was responsible for selling a dresser that was advertised as safe to use.

Injuries Caused by Defective Products

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 25,000 children are injured from products that tip-over each year, due to faulty design.

Of course, it’s not just furniture that can cause serious injury or fatality; things like appliances, power tools, seat belts, and toys can cause serious injury or even death in consumers.

Defects can stem from errors in the design, manufacture or distribution of the product and it is not just the manufacturing company that can be at fault, but also a third-party like the person selling you the product at the store.

As a consumer, you put your trust into companies when you purchase their products. That trust is broken when the product is defective and causes serious injury, or even death, to you or your loved ones, and those responsible should be held accountable for their mistakes.

Injuries sustained from defective products can be severe and life-changing and recovering from those injuries could put you out of work, resulting in lost wages and medical bills piling up, but you may be entitled to compensation if you act immediately.

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