Dangerous Driving Habits that are Commonly Overlooked in Texas

Charles J. Argento, our Houston car accident attorney, understands that most of us start learning to drive as teenagers and continue to learn from there. While road rules can be discovered in driver’s education, driving manuals, and parental advice, we often develop our driving habits—both good and bad—from our own experiences.

While we all know that distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are all on the “Do Not” list, there are several dangerous driving habits that are overlooked in Texas and nationwide.

Here, we discuss those lesser-known habits. They may not put you in danger every time you drive, but they could cause a severe accident when you least expect it.

Driving Habits That May Unknowingly Put You and Other Motorists in Danger

Not all dangerous driving habits involve overt hazards like road rage or aggressively passing another motorist. Others are much smaller actions but can be equally harmful.

By being aware of these habits and consciously trying to avoid them, you can help ensure your and others’ safety on the road.

They include:

  • Micro Distractions

You don’t have to text and drive to be distracted. Tasks that only take your eyes off the road for a split second and even tasks where your eyes are still on the road but your mind isn’t can cause accidents without notice.

This may include changing the music, grabbing a coffee from a cup holder, or looking at passengers in the backseat. When driving, focus your eyes and attention on the road to avoid even brief micro distractions that can increase crash risk.

  • Discounting the Weather and Road Conditions

Inclement weather and road conditions are often more dangerous than you think, and they deserve your full attention and caution. Rain, fog, or other adverse weather conditions can be deceptive and change instantly, drastically affecting your vehicle’s handling and braking distance. It’s crucial to adjust your driving style and speed to match the conditions.

Slow down, keep a safe distance from the vehicle before you, and ensure your car is weather-ready before heading out.

  • Beating Traffic Signals

Many drivers view the yellow light as a signal to speed up to beat the red light instead of a signal for drivers to slow down and prepare to stop. This dangerous habit can lead to miscalculations, resulting in severe intersection collisions.

Anticipating a green light is equally dangerous, as another driver may be trying to beat the red light from the other direction. Take a second to ensure other drivers are practicing safe driving around you.

  • Following Other Vehicles Too Closely

Following the vehicle in front of you too closely, or tailgating, is aggressive and dangerous. It reduces the time you have to react to the vehicle’s movements and increases the likelihood of a rear-end collision if the driver slows down or stops abruptly.

No matter where you are in Texas, driving should be the only task you are focused on when you are behind the wheel. However, we understand that you cannot account for the negligent actions of other drivers.

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