Court Fines High Chair Maker for Hiding Dangerous Defects

Phil & Teds USA, a leading child product manufacture in the United States, was recently slapped with a $3.5 million fine stemming from charges that the company purposely covered up dangerous defects in one of their popular high chair models.

Prior to the settlement, the manufacturer stood accused of failing to report the dangerous flaw in their “MeToo” high chair to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Court documents also allege that phil&teds, during an investigation into the high chair defect, knowingly misrepresented agency staff.

Companies are supposed to report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission when one of their manufactured products poses a risk to its consumer base, including risk, serious injury or death. In the case of the MeToo high chair, the product had a defective clamp that would detach without warning.

Phil & Teds recalled the high chair back in 2011, but not before the company was already aware of nearly 20 incidents involving the defective product. In two additional instances, the babies using the product had their fingers amputated when one side of the seat detached from the table it was clamped to.

The defective chairs, which were sold between May 2009 and January 2011, were sold for $40 to $50. In the settlement, which saw the fine severely cut due to the company claiming they would go out of business, phil&teds failed to admit any wrongdoing.

Product Defects and Personal Injury Cases

Accidents can happen anywhere. While they are sometimes unavoidable, accidents can be caused directly by another party’s negligence, carelessness or a defective product.

When those negligent actions cause personal injury, as was the case in the phil & teds case, the victim can face ballooning medical costs, lifetime disability, loss of wages or other financial difficulties. When that occurs, it is imperative that the victim seeks the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal injury can occur almost anywhere, anytime. Some common personal injury cases come as a result of:

Additionally, personal injury claims can come in the form of medical malpractice, wrongful death, as is the case with some victims of drunk drivers, and defective or dangerous products. These types of situations involve more than covering medical expenses – victims of personal injury often face the loss of their livelihood or wages, in addition to significant emotional pain and suffering.

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