Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks like 18-wheelers and other delivery trucks pose unique dangers to drivers operating smaller vehicles and their passengers. That means that all drivers, including those operating large trucks, must be aware of the hazards presented by such large, unwieldy vehicles.

It also means that there must be an added level of caution when sharing the road. Even minor traffic errors, like neglecting to signal before turning or passing, can result in a severe injury-causing accident, especially when vehicles are traveling at high speed.
Causes of Truck Accidents with Passenger Vehicles

In many truck accident cases, drivers operating passenger vehicles might be considered liable for traffic accidents involving large trucks. This essentially boils down to safe driving practices and whether or not the passenger vehicle has exercised the appropriate safety precautions.

That’s why it’s important for drivers of cars and other automobiles to practice safe driving when sharing the roadways with large trucks. Some common unsafe acts that can help cause a truck accident include:
Driving beside and behind a truck where the driver’s visibility is limited
Maneuvering into the path of a truck making a right turn
Underestimating an approaching truck’s speed and making a left-hand turn in front of its path
Failing to properly merge into traffic, causing the truck to brake or maneuver quickly
Failure to speed up or slow down when a truck is changing lanes or merging
Attempting to pass a truck before being pushed out of position by cross-wind or air turbulence
Driving between large trucks
Disabled or abandoned vehicles can also cause dangerous truck accidents if the vehicles are not properly moved off the roadway and onto the shoulder.
Other Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents.

However, the safe operation of passenger vehicles is not the only factor that can contribute to a trucking incident. Although commercial truck drivers are, for the most part, skilled and patient operators, the fact is that these vehicles pose a natural danger due to the sheer size and weight involved.

As a result, the commercial trucking industry is closely regulated, and there are a number of safety standards in place for companies and their drivers.
Despite this, there are a number of characteristics specific to the commercial trucking industry that can contribute to an injury-causing collision, such as:
Improper training that covers driver technique, safety warnings, and defensive driving
Compensation models that favor faster vehicle speeds and encourage longer hours of consecutive operation than regulations would advise
Unrealistic expectations and schedules put forth by trucking companies that pressure drivers to hurry, despite the numerous safety risks
If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to aid the recovery of compensation and other damages.
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