Almost 500 Motorcycle Deaths in Texas in 2013

The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) has shared some new statistics that may put a damper on anyone wanting to climb onto a motorcycle – especially without a helmet.

The government agency reported that there were 495 motorcyclists (including operators and passengers) killed in 2013, with 53% of them not wearing helmets at the time of the crash. This is higher than those who were killed because of distracted driving (460 individuals in 2013) and, perhaps most frighteningly of all, the agency reported that there were no “deathless days on Texas roadways” last year.

No matter what your mode of transportation, whether a motorcycle, car, bus or truck or even your own two feet, whenever you leave your home you risk being involved in a motorized accident of some kind.

Unfortunately, those involved in motorcycle accidents – particularly the operators – are often faced with more dire injuries and outcomes as their bike offer far less protection than that of a standard vehicle. Motorcyclists can help reduce their risk, however, by being aware of these 3 top motorcycle risk factors:

1. A Left-Turning Car
Cars that turn left in front of a motorcycle are the top cause for motorcycle collisions, usually, because the driver of the car simply wasn’t paying attention. Whether a blind spot or a distraction, this scenario is one when many riders are hit and seriously injured.

2. Switching Lanes
Again, often due to distraction or a cyclist being in a driver’s blind spot, motorcyclists often become involved in dangerous accidents when a car beside them chooses to switch lanes.

TIP: Motorcyclists can help protect themselves on the roads by staying out of a driver’s blind spot and keeping an eye out for any tell-tale signs that a driver may want to switch lanes (i.e. swerving slightly to one side, the driver looking over his or her shoulder).

3. Rear Ender Fender Benders
What may be a slight “bump” when a car hits another can be fatal when a car hits a motorcycle. Next time when on the road, move towards the outside of your lane. This will give the car behind you more space to stop.

When an accident does occur, it is important that motorcyclists tend to both their injuries and legal rights. If possible, speak with all parties involved in the auto accident, trade information, and take pictures. After seeking medical assistance, pick up the phone and make your next call be one to an experienced personal injury attorney who will help you to gather all of the information you need to build a solid case.

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