Tractor-Trailer Underride Accident Results in Fatal Injuries

A recent crash on a Houston area highway has resulted in fatal injuries to a local man. The crash is an example of the deadly potential of underride accidents involving tractor-trailers and other large trucks. Learn more about the accident and underride truck accidents below, and speak with a seasoned Texas truck accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in a Houston truck accident.

Crash involving a stalled tractor-trailer on Houston highway

The recent fatal crash occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 16, 2018. A 43-year-old man was driving his BMW on the Southwest Freeway heading south, near Harwin. The man was traveling at what members of the Houston Police Department called “highway speeds.” Tragically, the driver failed to notice that an 18-wheeler had stalled out in a middle lane on the other side of the Westpark Drive overpass. The BMW driver slammed into the rear of the stalled-out big rig, tearing the roof off the passenger vehicle. The driver of the car was killed almost instantly.

While the driver of the 18-wheeler claimed to have set out orange cones around the rear of his truck to indicate to drivers that the truck had stalled, lawyers for the victim’s family assert that eyewitnesses to the accident saw no cones around the truck. The family has already initiated legal action against the transportation companies believed to have been involved in operating the truck.

Underride accidents one of the many dangers posed by large trucks

Underride accidents occur when a passenger vehicle hits the front, side, or rear of a tractor-trailer and slides underneath the massive truck. These types of accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries for passenger vehicle occupants, since they tend to crush or shear off the passenger compartment of the smaller vehicle. Federal regulations state that large trucks must use a form of underride protection, such as a metal guard that prevents smaller cars from being able to slide underneath trucks. Nevertheless, many trucks use underride guards that are not strong enough to withstand high-speed impact; others simply fail to use underride guards altogether. When tractor-trailers fail to comply with federal laws regarding safety equipment such as underride guards, the transportation company may face liability for their failure to follow federal laws that could have prevented serious injuries to the victims.

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