Three Personal Injuries Commonly Awarded Damages

One of the common things that link all personal injury lawsuits together is negligence. Every person and business must show a duty of care to ensure their property, business, and even pets, will not pose a danger to others. There are generally three common situations in which personal injury lawsuits are filed and for which people are entitled to damages:

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall accidents can often be the fault of poorly maintained property. Whether it is a business or a residence, the owners of all properties must take reasonable precautions to ensure they are maintained to remain safe.

Often issues are not noticeable at first glance. However crumbled pavement, wet floors or even poor lighting can all contribute to a slip and fall injury. A property or business owner is legally obliged to keep their properties hazard-free. As well, they must take care of issues within a reasonable time when dangers appear on their property.

Workplace Injuries

A common misconception about workplace injuries is that if they are covered by Workman’s Compensation you would not be entitled to further damages. However, companies that allow their employees to work in dangerous conditions can be liable for issues such as poorly maintained work areas, allowing exposure to dangerous substances, and allowing other dangers such as broken machinery to remain in operation.

Dog Attacks

There are laws in place directing dog owners on safe handling to ensure people and other dogs are safe in their presence. When a dog bite or attack occurs, it is well within your rights to seek damages to cover your medical bills, lost wages, disfigurement as a result of injuries, and pain and suffering.

Poorly trained and even vicious dogs can be prone to bite or attack without provocation. These attacks can lead to serious injuries which can negatively affect your life, your mental state and your potential for earnings while you recover. In fact, you can even seek damages should your own dog, or other pets, be injured by a dog.

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