Hours of Service Law and Truck Accidents in Texas

18-wheeler accidents plague major roads in Central Texas, particularly Interstate 35, which is notorious for crashes involving tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and large rigs.

Defective equipment, speeding, distracted driving and inadequate rest, are common causes of truck crashes in the region. Federal regulations such as the New Hours of Service Law for truck drivers seek to reduce truck accidents because of the greater potential for property damage and loss of lives that can arise from a collision with these massive commercial vehicles.

Safety Rules in Texas

Truck accidents along the Interstate 35 in Central Texas cause severe injuries, major property damage and heavy traffic. Taking a proactive approach, the Department of Public Safety recently conducted Operation Roadcheck on 9,000 trucks traveling the Interstate 35. DPS found that one in 5 trucks had safety and equipment maintenance issues.

On the other hand, drivers have voiced objections to the implementation of the new Hours of Service law, which require truck drivers to take a 30-minute break during the first 8 hours of a driving shift, and limits the maximum work cycle at 70 hours.

Under the new rule, a driver who completes a 70-hour work cycle must take a rest period of 34 consecutive hours before resuming work. The new hours of service rule was implemented in July 2013.

Despite the new hours of service rule and other road safety rules, truck accidents continue to happen along Interstate 35. If you are involved in a truck accident in Texas, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Preparing a claim for compensation requires knowledge of tort laws and civil procedure for presenting and proving your claim. The process is a complex one and going after the driver, his employer and their insurer may be a challenge unless you obtain the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas.

Representing Clients in Texas

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