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At Charles J. Argento & Associates, our 3m earplug lawsuit attorneys in Houston are dedicated to providing the legal representation our military personnel deserves for protecting our country.

Beginning with those who served between 2003 and 2015 and want to pursue financial recovery after suffering permanent hearing loss and auditory damage as part of the 3m earplug lawsuit payout to veterans.

Experienced 3M Earplugs Lawsuit Payout Claim Lawyers in Houston

Our 3M earplugs lawsuit payout claim lawyers in Houston are pursuing claims against the manufacturer for producing earplugs that were intended to block loud sounds and noises from explosions and gunfire while giving service members the freedom to communicate freely with their use.

According to our 3M earplug lawsuits in Houston, the CAEv2 earplugs that were produced by Aearo, a company owned by 3M, were too short for proper insertion into our military personnel’s ears, effectively rendering the earplugs useless.

Without the proper protection, thousands of U.S. service members may have unknowingly suffered permanent damage from the noise of gunfire and explosions throughout their deployments.

If you or a loved one served in the U.S. Military from 2003 to 2015 and suffered injury from the use of 3M earplugs, contact our 3m earplug lawsuit lawyers in Houston today at (713) 225-5050 to discover how we can pursue the financial recovery you deserve for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and medical bills.

What Types of Injuries Does The 3M Earplug Lawsuit Allege?

While each military member’s injuries from using the 3M earplug lawsuits affect their lives differently, several common medical conditions resulted from their use.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Trouble with Balance

The inner ear communicates directly with the brain to maintain physical balance. When the inner ear is damaged by loud sounds and noises, it may lead to recurring and permanent balance issues.

  • Hearing Loss 

When service members are not wearing adequate earplugs to protect their ears from explosions and gunfire, it can impair the ability to hear, and even cause partial or total hearing loss.

  • Tinnitus

Constant or recurring ringing in the ear(s) is called Tinnitus, which can be caused by exposure to explosive noise and sounds.

If you were a military member between 2003 and 2015 and believed you were protected by the use of 3M earplugs, only to suffer physical damage as a result of their defective composition, 3m earplug lawsuit lawyers in Houston want to help you and your family pursue financial recovery for your injuries.

Why Did The U.S. Government File A Lawsuit Against 3M?

A whistleblower who knew about the 3M earplugs design flaw came forward in 2018 and warned the United States federal government that our military personnel’s safety was being placed at risk and that the manufacturer knowing continued to produce and distribute the earplugs to the high-risk group of individuals they should have been protecting.

Since the U.S. Department of Justice contracted the 3M Company to manufacture combat earplugs, they began investigating the allegations brought forth by the whistleblower.

3M was allegedly aware, since 2000, that the earplugs were defective but continued to negligently produce and distribute them to our Armed Forces anyway.

As a result of the investigation, the government announced an agreement with 3M which would require the company to pay $9.1 million in damages to the Justice Department.

This settlement does not transfer to the veterans who suffered injuries as a result of their use. This money is issued to the government for their financial losses from purchasing the defective product.

If you would like to pursue the company for your direct losses, contact our 3M earplugs lawsuit attorneys in Houston today at (713) 225-5050 to discuss your case.

What Type of Financial Recovery Can I Pursue For My 3M Earplug Injuries?

Since service members will not be compensated for their injuries from the $9.1 million the government has been awarded from 3M, each person who suffered an injury should file an individual claim for their unique damages.

Although the legal process is just beginning, each estimated payout will reflect exactly what each service member deserves from their unique injury claim.

If you have suffered an injury because of these defective 3M earplugs, contact our 3M earplugs lawsuit payout claim attorneys in Houston to determine what your case is worth, and how we can help you pursue a financial settlement today.

New Evidence Is Uncovered In Internal 3M Documents & Helps Build A Case For Negligence

One judge who presided over the 3M earplugs lawsuit Houston that was filed by the Justice Department ordered documents and depositions to be unsealed for future use in personal injury claims.

These documents reveal critical details outlining the company’s safety efforts and sales tactics.

In one deposition, a 3M sales manager admitted he did not advise any service member on the proper way to use the earplugs.

He was also recorded as saying he “did not believe so” when asked if soldiers had a right to know that the earplugs were tested and rated for safety in an environment different than where they were instructed to use them.

Further legal evidence uncovered that 3M could not provide any document or transcript that would indicate any representative of the military had been informed about the defective earplugs.

In a recorded deposition, an executive from 3M owned Aearo, the manufacturer of the earplugs, was asked:

“Is that okay, to sell a product and conceal information where it will have a negative effect on our soldiers?”

The executive answered, plainly, “Yes.”

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How Can Charles J. Argento Help With My 3M Earplugs Case?

Although the defective 3M earplugs are no longer being used by our military personnel, the damage our service members have suffered is already done.

If you or a loved one served in the military between 2003 and 2015 and suffered ear damage from the use of the defective 3M earplugs during that time, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Our 3m earplug lawsuit lawyers in Houston are building individual cases for each injured client we represent, which will allow us to pursue the maximum compensation our service members deserve.

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