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The Difficulties of Getting Compensation after a Truck Accident

Posted on May 18, 2017

The Difficulties of Getting Compensation after a Truck Accident A major problem with trucking accidents is that commercial trucks, and especially tractor trailer trucks, often inflict far more damage and injury during an accident than the truck driver can afford to compensate. This means a negligence claim is only worth as much as the plaintiff […]

The Next Steps after a Car Accident

Posted on May 1, 2017

If you have been involved in a car accident in Texas, you need to know what action you should take to make a claim for injuries or seek compensation for vehicle damage. We at the law firm of Charles J. Argento want to help you with your next steps, from how to make a claim […]

I Just Got into a Motorcycle Accident — Now What?

Posted on April 14, 2017

People choose to drive motorcycles over traditional cars for a variety of reasons – the thrill of adventure, the ease of commuting, increased fuel efficiency, or simply as a way to get more in touch with the environment. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles occur here in Texas and around the world every single day. It can […]

Making the Most of a Personal Injury Consultation

Posted on April 3, 2017

Choosing an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, the legal system is a slow moving machine and cases can take several years to completely resolve. Due to the length of this attorney/client relationship, it is important not to settle quickly on […]

Jury Awards $1.9 Million for E-Cigarettes Battery Explosion

Posted on March 15, 2017

E-cigarettes are part of a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, serving more than 2.5 million users. However the safety of e-cigarettes has been called into question with the US Fire Administration reporting at least 20 fires which have been attributed to the device’s battery since 2009. Late in 2015, a jury awarded nearly […]

NFL Player’s Slip and Fall Claims Not Pre-Empted by CBA Safety Provisions

Posted on March 1, 2017

Back in 2015, San Francisco Running Back Reggie Bush experienced a severe slip-and-fall injury that brought an abrupt end to his 2015 season. During a visit to St. Louis to take on the Rams, Bush experienced the season-ending knee injury after slipping on concrete around the field’s playing surface. The fall led to a lateral […]

Use Driving Tips to Safely Share the Road with Trucks

Posted on January 12, 2017

Many drivers become nervous when they encounter semis and larger trucks on the road. Driving tips can help you remain in control of your vehicle and avoid the dangers of truck accidents. The Trucker’s Perspective Other than the obvious size difference, there are many things a truck driver has to contend with that car drivers […]

Passenger Position Can Make Car Accident Injuries Worse

Posted on December 29, 2016

Whether you are a passenger in a car, or are driving with passengers, it is important to know that not sitting upright can lead to more serious injuries if a car accident occurs. Passengers who choose to recline or ride with their feet on the dashboard are putting themselves in a very dangerous position. Minor […]

Tips for Motorcycle Novices in Avoiding Personal Injury

Posted on December 15, 2016

As a motorcyclists, you face challenges that other drivers do not – particularly when it comes to personal injury. Your driving is effected not only by your own abilities and alertness, but also by drivers who do not understand how to fairly share the road with you. Here are some important factors to consider to […]

Three Personal Injuries Commonly Awarded Damages

Posted on December 1, 2016

One of the common things that link all personal injury law suits together is negligence. Every person and business must show a duty of care to ensure their property, business, and even pets, will not pose a danger to others. There are generally three common situations in which personal injury law suits are filed and […]